The new VLF-EM nose on C-GRNJ Refuelling at Springpole Heli-GT Survey Red Lake, Building the Bird Springpole Camp Joel Refuelling Joel and Gunner, Sprigpole Camp The bird with the VLF antenna Ruth and Bill Jones getting ready to take off from DFC London for Rankin Inlet Entrance to the F-18 Base at Rankin Inlet RNJ parked at the DND Base, F-18 hangars in the background Coming in for a landing at Rankin Inlet The road sign to the Meliadine Mine, Rankin Inlet Hall Beach Terminal The Beach at Hall Beach Bill and Ruth enjoying a stroll on the Beach Lakeshore Blvd, Hall Beach Arctic char drying DND North Warning System Site,
Fox Main, Hall Beach North Warning System Site from the ground C-GRNJ, Hall Beach C-GRNJ, Hall Beach Laimiki refuelling, Hall Beach Crashed Avro York CF-HMX, on the shore of Hall Lake CF-HMX Yes those black dots are mosquitoes in Hall Beach
Close up of some of the Hall Beach inhabitants