Heli-GT survey, Echoing Lake, ON Sunrise at Echoing Lake Marcel re-fuelling from lake cache Charles, Ruth and Marcel spring snowfall Atikokan, ON Ruth and Marcel taking off Atikokan Feeding time, Mirage QC Marcel, Matheson, ON Taking off Lansdowne House, ON C-GRNJ on a mag survey Mirage, QC C-GRNJ landing at Mirage Another landing at the Mirage airstrip Re-feulling at a remote camp near Webequie, ON C-GRNJ in her frost covers, Earlton, ON Water Bomber near Goose Bay, Labradour Equipment in C-GKSA, Goose Bay survey Muskrat Falls on the Churchill River, Goose Bay Mag, spec, VLF survey along the Churhill River Landing at Goos Bay Vulcan XL361 guardian, Goose Bay airport